2016 Marathon Application is LIVE

Open now until November 1st, midnight, MST.

The 2016 marathon will take place Saturday, Feb 20th either noon-8 or 10pm.

The marathon wishes to champion the music of emerging and/or underperformed composers. While the staff and guest composer do have some say in programming, we would like our performers to bring new works and new ideas to the table.

The OME Marathon is a paid gig. For our 2016 concert, the guarantee is $50. Non-AZ musicians: If you would like to make this concert part of your tour, please contact us about housing. admin@ohmyears.com

marathon concert application

Ensemble and member bios. Short, please

Youtube channel link, favorite recording, etc

What are you planning to present, or what would you like to present at the marathon? We like works by emerging and underrepresented composers.


Tech, physical space, etc

You will get paid a little bit more, but you will need to help with outreach and will probably have extra rehearsals to prepare music by the guest composer.

Works by the guest composer or from the OME catalogue.