11 thoughts on “Calls and Commissions

  1. dear sir, is it possible to send 2 solos? one of them is 8 min 30 seconds, so i guess its too long?
    the solos are with a cd, normal 2 speaker, so shall i send the CD only if the solo is chosen?
    best wishes
    M. H.

    • Absolutely. The time is what we are aiming for, but it is not required. I put a time constraint since the performer will have limited rehearsal time, but not due to a time restraint on the program.

      Sending the CD if the solo is chosen would be great. We can discuss the details when the winners have been announced. Thanks!

    • Well, yes to both. There’s no harm in sending it over, since there’s no fee. We will announce the winner asap after Jan 15th, and then you’d need to send the CD. A link to a recording or the track, in this case, would be helpful.

  2. Hi there and here’s to an exciting 2014 event!
    Question: who is going to be the solo violinist? Do you have a link to a website or samples of his/her playing? What grade of difficulty can the work be? E.g.: can it include passages requiring virtuosity?
    Thanks in advance,

    • I realize I left that part out, as I didn’t want to discourage virtuosity. The performer is not yet out of undergrad, and does not yet have a website. She is a little lacking in the area of extended techniques, and extremely difficult rhythmic figures will be an issue. But since there isn’t an entrance fee- send us what you got!

  3. Hi, I’m trying to submit my piece, but the webpage is not working. Is there any other way to sending my material? Also, do you need the recording, the score, or both? Thank you.

    • Hi! Sorry for the very late response. There seems to be a browser that does not like my submission form. You may still submit today, just email your score to ekbayer@gmail.com and if you have a recording, a link will do. Thanks.

  4. Hi,
    I tried to submit a piece, but the form seemed to hang on “Send” forever – not sure if it went through. If it didn’t, could I still email it or send it some other way?

    • No, it didn’t. I think there is one browser that doesn’t like my submission form. Just email your materials to ekbayer@gmail.com. It is past the date, but it was a malfunction on our end, so please feel free to submit today.

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